Hector & Claudia

My wife and I have been on two Wisdom Tours trips to Tibet and Ladahk, India and they have been two of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had in our lives, no doubt about it. Traveling with Jim has been wonderful because of many reasons. The places we visit, the people we meet and […] Read More

Ray Gertler

I recently joined Jim Hagan and Wisdom Tours on a trip to Eastern Tibet. Jim’s leadership, expertise in Tibetan Buddhist culture, philosophy, and psychology, as well as his passion for Tibetan art was a hallmark of this tour and I want to highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore Tibetan Buddhism, and Tibet in […] Read More

Arjan Dewan

Thanks Jim for a wonderful time and such a heart opening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and your 30+ years experience being on the Sikkim Buddhist trail enabled me to go deep into the Tibetan and Mahayana Buddhist monasteries in front of the high lamas of Buddhism and receive insights from them. You have […] Read More

Chris & Pretta Condon

— Modesto, CA Having now traveled to Tibet and Bhutan with Jim Hagan and his native guides with Wisdom Tours, both my wife and I can say this: they are simply wonderful! Whether helping arrange passports and visas, recommending appropriate gear and luggage, attending to personal medical needs, or explaining the historical and religious backgrounds […] Read More

Cheapart 2011

Happening now in Athens… No one can doubt that ancient Athens was in the 5th and 4th century B.C the mother of all arts. Rich in culture, Athens was a paradise for people interested in expanding their mind , enriching their spirit and indulging their eyes! But… what about today?? Among the numerous cultural events […] Read More

Just Desserts

Imagine a beautiful warm evening in Athens in June. You are wearing a loose sundress with a wrap just in case it gets cool later on. We walk from our hotel past sidewalk cafes where people sit dining outdoors or sipping drinks, along narrow streets with balconied buildings on either side, until we arrive at […] Read More

Greece — The Acropolis and Ancient Values

ATHENS, Greece — It’s summer, and every night in the Acropolis area, the great Parthenon — a symbol of absolute symmetry and pride for what the human mind is capable of — stands illuminated, while the pedestrian streets surrounding it fill with tourists. As I walked on a quiet street below the Acropolis, I met […] Read More

Dwight Norwood

Our two-week tour of Central Tibet was the trip of a lifetime. Jim is very knowledgeable of Asian art and philosophy and he clearly explained everything to us during our tour and this made us really appreciate all that we experienced. Imagine my thrill when I realized that I was hearing a talk on Buddhism […] Read More

Connor Lunt

I can honestly say that my trip with Wisdom Tours totally changed the way I view the world around me. It was a very humbling experience and a real eye opener to how other people live in the world. However, my trip started off as a disaster. While placing my bags on the scale to […] Read More

Becca & Scott Tobe

We found Wisdom Tours on one of our first searches for a tour guide company in India. After looking at the detailed itinerary and speaking to Jim on the phone, we knew immediately that we didn’t have to look any further. Jim was extremely detailed prior to the trip, sending us all of the documents, […] Read More

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