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Kham, Eastern Tibet is very different from the rest of Tibet. It is a unique and fascinating world unlike anything you have ever experienced. Its geography, climate, and natural environment — combined with centuries of isolation — have created an atmosphere of magic and mystery. Travelers from across the globe begin as strangers and often become life-long friends on this journey. Single women and men, couples, friends traveling together and families, are all welcome to join us for a memorable, life-changing experience in Kham.

Tour Highlights
  • Visit Ancient Monasteries and Temples: Explore Tibet’s most precious cultural treasure, its monasteries, full of fantastic collections of sacred art. Visit active monasteries with lamas in residence and filled with hundreds of monks chanting texts from the teachings of the Buddha.
  • Shop in Lively Markets: Browse and shop for treasures in the local markets along our journey.
  • Take Breathtaking Drives: Drive through Kham’s countryside, pine forests, alpine gorges and high mountain passes. See mantras carved into mountainsides, mountain passes covered with colorful prayer flags and Tibetans herding yaks.
  • Visit the Yaan Panda Reserve: Meet the Giant Pandas. This reserve is home to pandas, golden monkeys, musk deer and snow leopards.
  • Meet the People: The region’s great charm is its people. Khampa women are distinguished by their elaborate coral and turquoise jewelery and 108 braids woven into their hair.
What to Expect on Your Tour

Your tour package is an all inclusive, escorted adventure that includes China domestic flights, 4 star accommodations, all ground transportation, airport transfers and meals. Your Kham tour guides include a professor of Asian Studies, a Tibetan scholar and the abbot of Kartok Monastery in Eastern Tibet, all of whom share their personal knowledge and insights with you. Your tour leader, Jim Hagan, plans, manages and leads every Kham Tibet tour to ensure that each guest receives the very best personal attention and feels comfortable and safe. Jim strives to make your trip the very best experience of your life.

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We invite you to join our adventure to Kham, a remote, exotic land with warm people, ancient monasteries, small villages and a natural environment that is one of the most spectacular in the world. See the reviews of our Kham tours from past travelers and contact us to get more information. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our trips to Kham and want to make sure you have the trip of the lifetime!