Traveling to Tibet is a cultural adventure like no other. To some, the word Tibet is synonymous with Buddhism and rightfully so. To truly understand Tibet and its extraordinary culture, it is imperative to explore the world of Tibetan Buddhism and that is our specialty.

We have designed and offer two fantastic tours that take our travelers through Central Tibet or Kham in Eastern Tibet. During your tour, discover why Tibet is considered one of the world’s most spiritual and devout Buddhist lands. You will not merely visit the ancient temples and monasteries in Tibet, but you will learn the underlying consciousness that created them. During this insightful journey you will have the rare opportunity to participate in and experience one of the most remarkable cultures on the planet.

  • Sit with the monks in Tibet’s most sacred temples and monasteries.
  • Visit the homes of farmers and nomads.
  • Meet the abbot’s of many of Tibet’s most important monasteries.
  • Explore Tibet’s colorful markets and bazaars.
  • Experience the world’s highest Eco-system and tallest mountains.
  • Visit a Tibetan school and orphanage.
  • Meditate in many of Tibet’s centuries-old monasteries.
  • Learn the timeless traditions of Buddhist sacred art in the studios of Tibetan artists.

We cordially invite you to select one of our exciting tours to explore Tibet with us and to discover one of the most fascinating cultures that the world has ever seen — a journey of a lifetime!