Bhutan Tour Guides & Experts

Jim Hagan

Wisdom Tours - Jim Hagan

Jim has lived, studied, and traveled in South Asia for more than 25 years. He is an adjunct professor of Eastern Religions and Philosphy at Castleton State College of Vermont. He has lectured in the U.S. and Europe on Buddhist art, architecture, meditation and philosophy. As a photographer, Jim’s keen knowledge of the Himalayan region and cultures has served him well as a location scout for a commercial film production. He has trekked extensively throughout the Himalayas. Personable and witty, Jim’s expertise has attracted travelers from around the world.

Tshering T. Dorji

Tshering T. Dorji

Tshering has spent his entire life in Bhutan. He grew up in a small village and is an expert on Bhutanese traditions, history, art, culture and religion. He is a seasoned trekker and has led many expeditions in Bhutan. Tshering is also a very talented singer, dancer and a master of archery — Bhutan’s national sport. His friendly personality and vast knowledge of Bhutan’s cultural heritage brings our guests into the very special world of Bhutan — the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Venerable Gap Tshering

Wisdom Tours - Venerable Gap Tshering

The senior instructor at Lekshed Jungney Shedra (college) at the Punakaha Dzong, he studied Sanskrit for many years in Varanasi, India. He has completed many years of solitary retreat meditating on the teachings of Buddha. Gap Tshering is proficient in Sanskrit, Tibetan, Bhutanese, and English. His superb command of the English language and in-depth knowledge of Buddhist philosophy offers our guests a rare opportunity to receive lectures from one of Bhutan’s most qualified teachers.