Ladahk Tour Reviews

Hector & Claudia

My wife and I have been on two Wisdom Tours trips to Tibet and Ladahk, India and they have been two of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had in our lives, no doubt about it. Traveling with Jim has been wonderful because of many reasons. The places we visit, the people we meet and […] Read More

Bob Bara

I have traveled with Jim on three Wisdom Tours adventures to Tibet, Sikkim and Ladahk, India. I have been blessed to have been able to travel all around the world with many different tour companies over the years and no one surpasses Wisdom Tours with their personal attention. I live in Vermont as does Jim […] Read More

Elena Molokotos

I don’t even know where to begin. I miss India terribly and I must go back soon! I think about my trip to Ladahk all of the time. When talking about my trip with strangers I rave about India, while others say they did not have the greatest experience there. I am sure that is […] Read More

Lee & Phil Davis

"I have traveled with Jim on three trips in the past to India and Tibet and plan on many more in the future! I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful journey to Tibet that you shared with me and Phil. Your tours are done with such heart, clarity and balance. — Lee" — Albuquerque, […] Read More