Greek Philosophy

Greece — The Acropolis and Ancient Values

ATHENS, Greece — It’s summer, and every night in the Acropolis area, the great Parthenon — a symbol of absolute symmetry and pride for what the human mind is capable of — stands illuminated, while the pedestrian streets surrounding it fill with tourists. As I walked on a quiet street below the Acropolis, I met […] Read More

Establisher of Culture: Socrates

A man betrayed “Men, you should have seen Socrates when the troops escaped from Dilos. In that battle, I had better opportunity to admire him, as in that battle I was on a horse and wasn’t so much afraid. He was walking so calmly, watching our people and the enemies, and it was obvious to […] Read More

On Harmony and Virtue: Wise Men’s Sayings About Balance

Prophets and wise people throughout the centuries have touted the idea of balance—balance in relation with happiness, with beauty, and with reason. The word harmony comes from the Greek word armonia whose root is areti, meaning virtue. The two words don’t look the same at first sight, but the origin (aro) is contained in the […] Read More