Greek Olympic Games

The Evolution of the Games from Ancient to Modern Times

By Tsiakou Panagiota & Neli Magdalini Sfigopoulous In the beginning, Olympic athletes were considered the gods’ chosen ones. Their path was to follow the Olympic spirit in order to reach perfection. The Olympic spirit emphasized athletes’ learning through hardships during their training, and above all, the cultivation of ones moral character, virtue, and humility. Each […] Read More

The True Meaning of The Olympic Games, Part 1

By Tsiakou Panagiota & Neli Magdalini Sfigopoulou According to Greek mythology, the first to compete for the Olympic games were gods, and then heroes, and finally humans. For the Ancient Greeks, every planet is represented by one character, one spirit, one god. The Olympic Games were started to honor Zeus, the king of the gods. […] Read More