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August 7 – 19, 2011
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Lhasa comes alive in the summer and our hotel is right in the center of the Tibetan section, just minutes from the Bharkor market and Jokhang temple. This location is ideal for those who like to browse, mingle and shop. Tibet is a treasure house for those who like to support the local economy — jewelry, carpets, prayer flags, malas and art can all be found in this lively market. And speaking of art, there is sure an art to bargaining and haggling and I give free lessons to all our guests!

If shopping is not your thing, grab your mala and prayer wheel and walk with the Tibetans as they circumambulate Tibet’s most sacred temple the Jokhang. You will see pilgrims from all over Tibet who spend months even years prostrating themselves to this temple, the home of Tibet’s holiest image of Buddha. It is a photographer’s paradise! Tibetans come early in the morning and at the end of the day to pray, recite mantras, and to offer respect to holy objects and circling a them is an ancient practice that goes all the way back to Buddhism in India. You may not know their prayers or mantras, but when you walk with them, you definitely feel the energy. I make this walk every night and you are welcome to join me!

Our second Rooftop of the World trip to Central Tibet this year also includes a visit to the world’s highest monastery at the base camp of Mt. Everest. Many of our guests love the opportunity to experience Tibet and also see the world’s tallest mountain on the same tour. When you are standing there in front of Everest you will see why so many people dream of seeing this magnificent mountain. It is literally breathtaking!

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