Kham | East Tibet

August 8 – 24, 2012
Sample Itinerary

Travel to East Tibet — Kham, is a little off the beaten path. Most travelers to Tibet, especially those who visit Tibet for the first time, explore Central Tibet. We have had many of our guests visit Central Tibet with us and come back for another adventure to East Tibet. They were glad that they did. The contrast in environments is dramatic. Over the years, I have visited almost every region and country in the Himalayas and I think Kham is the most beautiful of them all! It is green and lush and has it all — high grasslands, cascading waterfalls, snow capped mountain peaks and glacier filled lakes. For the Tibetan, many of these lakes are sacred and on our next tour of Kham, we will explore one of the most sacred lakes in Kham — Yalunglhatso. There are so many monasteries in Kham and we always find one that has some type of festival. On our last trip we were treated to a spectacular festival of monks performing their masked dances. We will begin our next trip in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province where we will explore a few Chinese Buddhist monasteries before we drive into East Tibet. On the way, we will be stopping at the largest rock carved Buddha image in the world at Leshan. This massive image of the Future Buddha Maitreya is carved into an entire side of a mountain and is a fabulous way to begin our journey into Kham.

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