Connor Lunt

I can honestly say that my trip with Wisdom Tours totally changed the way I view the world around me. It was a very humbling experience and a real eye opener to how other people live in the world. However, my trip started off as a disaster. While placing my bags on the scale to check in for my flight, I found out that my passport wasn’t valid for long enough for entry into Cambodia. Having no idea what to do next, in came Jim Hagan to the rescue! Without blinking an eye, Jim had me on a flight to Burlington, Vermont so I could then drive to St. Albans and get a new passport (the passport agency in New York City couldn’t see me for another week, so Vermont was the next option). I landed in Vermont and Jim’s wife Shelley took me all the way to St. Albans for me to get my passport renewed. Before I knew it, I was sitting at a table in Cambodia with my fellow travelers. Jim and his wife Shelley went to the ends of the earth to help me out and I am forever grateful to them. When I thought my adventure was just winding down, I realized I just got to Cambodia and the adventure was only beginning. My trip to Cambodia was one of the most spiritual, eye-opening, and breath-taking experiences of my life. The temples were gorgeous, the food was outstanding, and the hotels were nicer than most American hotels. I highly recommend a trip with Wisdom Tours! Thank you Jim!

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