Cheapart 2011

Happening now in Athens…
No one can doubt that ancient Athens was in the 5th and 4th century B.C the mother of all arts. Rich in culture, Athens was a paradise for people interested in expanding their mind , enriching their spirit and indulging their eyes!

But… what about today??
Among the numerous cultural events taking place in Athens annually is Cheapart, the most important contemporary artistic movement in Greece. Founded in 1995, it continuously works on promoting new trends and ideas. It has given the opportunity to more than 400 artists mid career and established Greek and International artists to communicate new ideas to a broad, demanding public of varied social groups.

The story behind the Greek Cheapart goes back to the early 1980s! Dimitris and George Georgakopoulos were studying in Germany. Just before going back home for Christmas, they met with their friends, other artists, in a house for one last meeting before the holidays. Together with them they brought their paintings which they exchanged with the rest as gifts. Soon more friends would join their meetings, friends who were not artists but were interested in the works of art. To give them the opportunity to own one, they set a small price for the paintings so that their friends could buy them.

Coming back to Greece permanently, the two brothers founded Cheapart and continued what they started in Germany on a bigger scale. Cheapart is based on the direct relation of the artist and his viewer, without intermediaries. Its purpose is to allow the artist to express him or her self and to make art without it having to go through academic approval, and allow common people to own a work of art by paying a small price for it. In collaboration with each artist, Cheapart has the opportunity to integrate into the exhibition program, novel works that other galleries and artistic organizations do not exhibit considering them to be of high risk.

Who said that art belongs to cunning investors???
Coming to its 16 years of existence, Cheapart 2011 invites 150 European artists to exhibit 20 paintings in 25 days (1 – 25 of December) in three Athenian galleries! That’s 3,000 works of art to choose from!

The price for each painting is…80 Euros!!!
— Giota Mantziou

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