Mary Hulette

The [Greece] trip was well organized, well executed, filled with excellent activities and tours, but also allowed for some down time.

Catherine is an art historian and the perfect art guide. We visited countless museums and sites. At many, like the Acropolis, only Greek-sanctioned guides are allowed to conduct tours. Those guides were always great. But, for me, the real fun came when Catherine brought a small group of us back for a second look. She provided insights and historical perspectives that really enhanced my understanding. Shelley has been to Greece over 20 times, knows the people, customs and language and was a load of fun to travel with.

We spent the early part of the trip in Athens, then went on to Samos — aah, Samos — and then returned to Athens. If I were going again, I would sign up for the optional Santorini trip. We saw antiquities that I’d dreamed my whole life of seeing. It was breathtaking. Shelley & Catherine were excellent travel guides. Plus, the food and shopping were fabulous.

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